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Quogue, New York​


Following in the tradition of great conservatories attached to residential buildings, this orchid conservatory, was custom designed in the tradition of the early steel and glass greenhouses but with considerable modern amenities and fully automated environmental controls.  The building has three levels of automated louvers, shading devices and a high-pressure low water misting system. The greenhouse is designed so that there is a natural chimney effect drawing air slowly through the structure minimizing energy use.  Heating is provided by perimeter stainless steel fin-tube radiation.

The greenhouse consists of three compartments: the display area, the work space for the owner/gardener, and a hyphen, which acts as the thermal barrier between the main house and the conservatory. The building was manufactured and installed by Superior Structures.  Controls were programmed and are powered by Procom Micro-grow and can be operated remotely.  The greenhouse interior fittings were customized from standard steel stock greenhouse racks.

PACA designed a new addition and restored the Beach House to which this pavilion is attached. 


Quogue, New York



Date of Completion


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