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Cobble Hill Historic District, Brooklyn, New York


The residence, built in 1843 is located in the Cobble Hill Historic District designated in 1969.  The property is unique because of the lot size and placement in that the rear yard is deeper than most because it back on to a carriage house that has no rear year. Unlike other side streets, this row house has no neighbor to the west side as the lot serves as a driveway for the large Greek Revival house at the corner. This larger lot size made it possible to extend the rear two-story tea porch to match the depth of the Eastern neighbor, and still comply with as-of-right zoning.

Enclosing the porch at both levels created the opportunity to encapsulate the drawing room providing some sound proofing to the parlor, which contained a grand piano. The windows were extended as triple hung windows to create openings to connect the to the enclosed porch. The surplus FAR (Floor Area Ratio) enabled the tea porch to extend beyond the original historic limit of the open porch, there by creating sufficient space to add a second stair to connect the lower two floors.

The remainder of the house remained as a single family house with repairs and upgrading to bathrooms and the kitchen. New amenities that were added to the house included a work space, upstairs laundry center, wine closet and new powder room. Later project for this family included minor façade repairs and replacement of a roof top skylight.

A new addition, housing a family room and study, was added to the rear of the house. The addition was designed to be sympathetic to the historic character of the house. Approval for the addition was obtained from the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Interior renovations included a new kitchen and powder room.

PACA's other commissions from this client, includes a summer beach house and orchid pavilion on the south shore of Long Island. 


Cobble Hill Historic District, Brooklyn, New York




Burda Construction Corp.


1999 & 2004

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