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Beginning with a Feasibility Study to assess development options for the under-built two-story building on Madison Avenue, PACA was retained to design a building that would be at a minimum the same height as the original truncated building on this site. The building became a designated landmark within the Upper East Side Historic District in 1981. An earlier B'nai Jeshurun Synagogue, now on the Upper West Side, was erected in 1884. When Rouse & Goldstone refashioned the site in 1917, portions of the synagogue remained including the pitched roof seen in the archival photographs and as our project uncovered, the large foundation and sub-grade piers that supported the former religious structure.  Very little was retained of the earlier building, only the lower two floors of the brick facade and the Rouse & Goldstone designed cast-iron facade. 

PACA created a new building featuring the cast-iron facade, and reconstructed a stylized modern version of the earlier building in brick. A new five story commercial building was constructed behind the Landmarked façade, which has been restored to its 1917 appearance. 

Temporary stabilization measures were put in place to preserve the structural integrity of the historic facade while the existing structure was erected behind the historic façade and the new five-story building and deep basement were constructed. The first retail tenant, Loro Piano Flagship, moved in November 2012 and the upper floors are currently under negotiation.


744 Madison Avenue, Manhattan, New York


Friedland Properties

Completion Date


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